Rose Allen McCauley Visits

Rose Allen McCauley Visits

My First Booksigning Tour by Rose Allen McCauley

As I began this piece about our Georgia trip (Oct. 28-Nov.6, 2011), I was reminded of how well our trip turned out, in spite of the many changes along the way. I know that was because God had His Hand over our trip guiding our way much better than our TomTom did! (Althought it did get us where we wanted to go most of the time AFTER we read the directions!)
Besides doing booksignings for Christmas Belles of Georgia, another reason for our trip was to visit the town where the book is set—Monticello, GA, and meet with and give books to the people there who helped me online and by phone interviews with info for the story. My first change occurred about a month before we left when I received an email from Rod Perry, the man in Monticello who had helped me most of all. We had already made reservations at his Warren Bed and Breakfast where my heroine had stayed, but he informed me that they’d had to sell their own home, and would be moving into the B and B soon. He also informed me that Big Chics, the restaurant where my hero and heroine ate a couple meals had been sold to another owner.
So, we made arrangements to stay in another town, but still went to visit Monticello, and I am so glad we did. We did get to meet with Rod in the midst of his moving, and did get to take a picture with him and of the outside of the lovely Band B.

And he informed us that the original owner had taken Big Chics back so we met with the owner and his mom and even sampled some fried okra from their menu. So, we did get to experience the charm of the town and people of Monticello.




Another stop was in Buford, GA at the Lifeway where Nora St.Laurent works and also got to visit and eat with Ane Mulligan who lives close by.





And since my hubby wore a maroon shirt like the workers there, he got requests for help by several customers!



I also did a signing at the Lifeway in Macon. But Chester wore a different shirt that day!
In Warner-Robins, I met April Gardner at church and lunch, then she spent the afternoon with me at the Warner-Robins signing. We had plenty of time to chat and share. She had been a cyber-friend up to that time, but is now a close friend and Christian sister!
My next to last signing was at the Family Christian Store in Savannah, GA where I sold out all of my books they had in stock—all 4 of them!
At the other stores I sold about 2/3 of the copies they had and signed a few more, so hopefully there were more books sold in GA then there would have been if we hadn’t gone. And since the stores only wanted books signed on the weekends, my husband and I were forced to visit Savannah and Tybee Island from Monday through Friday! I even got an idea for a book I would like to write set in the beautiful, historical town of Savannah!
I thank God for His changes for this trip and in my life. To Him be the glory!


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