A Day to Always Remember

A Day to Always Remember

Who can forget what happened in  our country on this day eleven years ago? What started as a beautiful September day turned to heartbreak in a matter of minutes. I was drinking second cup of coffee and watching the news when their coverage suddenly switched to the Twin Towers in New York City. When I saw the first Trade Tower hit by the plane, I wondered how someone could just run into it? Did the pilot have a stroke? How could it have happened? Then the second tower was hit.  As the day went on, with the attack on the Pentagon and the plane going down in that field near Shankstown, Pennsylvania– to keep it from doing the harm our enemies intended–we all knew our country was under attack.

In the days following, we all watched, cried and prayed as this country came together. We watched as the people in New York City reached out to one another and became an inspiration to us all. New Yorker’s became more than what we’d sometimes been led to believe by what we’d seen through the media–people hurrying from one place to another down busy streets, never making eye contact with one another,  appearing not to care about each other. What a lie. They became what they’d always been–people who care deeply, with families who lost loved ones, who lost friends, who’d had their city attacked in a horrible way. They became people we deeply cared about, wanted to help and prayed for.

I don’t think I can fully explain how much I began to care about the people of New York City during that time and wanted to know more about the city.  Wanted to know about its history in this country. And as a writer, I began to want to set stories there–historical ones–to show that people in this huge city have always been like people in small towns and large all across this county. They care deeply about one another, their families and friends, their city and this country.

It took a long while for the ideas to form and longer still to figure out the connection that would bring all kinds of people together, showing their care for others and their city,  but God is so good and in His time, He showed me the way. I feel so blessed that I am now writing a historical romance series about people in New York City in the late 1800’s. Many people at that time reached out to others, too. I pray that these stories will somehow serve as inspiration to others just as the people of  New York City have been to me ever since that day eleven years ago.

On this day, our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have suffered so much because of that day eleven years ago–the families who lost loved ones and friends, the first responders and our military families, and those who witnessed the horror of that day from nearby buildings and the streets of New York City.  May God bless them and this country we love.



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  1. Janet, I’m very excited about your new NYC series from Love Inspired and had no idea you’d been inspired to write it because of 9-11. God does bring good from bad, doesn’t He? My heart goes back to that awful day and I remember the pain, shock, and terror, but most of all I remember, as you do, the way a city and a nation came together in unprecedented love and unity.

    Love the header on your blog, too!

    • Thanks so much Linda. I think it was a day that broke our hearts and changed us all in some way. It’s kind of surprised me that for someone who’s lived all over the south, I’ve become passionate about writing about New York City. But God does bring good from bad and I have no doubt in my heart that He called me to write these stories set in this city and I’m loving every minute of it. 🙂

  2. Reading your post reminded me of where I was that day. I had a three week old baby. I was nursing him and watching the news, wondering what kind of world my little boy would grow up in. Even remembering that today, I have tears in my eyes, thinking of all of those families who lost loved ones that day. But I also remember the way people reached out to help. Good conquered evil that day, because He overcame the world 2,000 years ago.

    Thanks for the reminder, Janet. I can’t wait to read your New York series!

  3. Hey Janet,
    In all the times we have talked about this wonderful series, I never knew this had been an inspiration. It means so much more to me now. I can’t wait to read the first title! It will have so much more meaning! I am so looking forward to seeing you next week!!!

    • Aaron, thanks so much for stopping by. I guess I just assumed everyone knew how I felt about New York City. You know–kind of like we know what our characters look like and sometimes forget to tell our readers.
      9/11, like Katrina, is sometimes hard to talk about. And as the years go by, we don’t seem to talk about either except on the anniversaries of when they took place. Both impacted many people’s lives. I have a Katrina story in me, too. One day I hope to be able to tell it, also.
      But yes, my love for New York City and the people who live there began on 9/11 and I think will continue forever. Seeing them reach out to each other inspired me and left a lasting impression on me, just as seeing so many come to help after Katrina did.
      I am so happy to be writing for LIH and I hope you like Somewhere To Call Home as much as I liked writing it. And I think I like the second book even better. 🙂 Dan and I are looking forward to seeing you next week, too!

  4. This is beautiful, Janet. I remember where I was, too. I was about to give my little girl a bath and my son, 5 at the time, came in and said, “Mommy, something happened. You need to come see this.” He took my hand, led me to the living room, and parked me in front of the tv where I stayed for who knows how long. Such a heartbreaking day. But it was wonderful to watch the people of NYC come together in the months that followed. So inspiring for the rest of us.

    I’m so glad your stories are a part of the beauty from those ashes.

  5. Janet,
    Like Aaron, I had no idea of the inspiration for your New York stories. I am so looking forward to reading them. FYI: I was brought up in Katrina land. Just had a group from home up here with me during Isaac. I am excited that you want to write about it.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Jacqueline. I’m certainly hoping to write that Katrina story–I already have it started and hoping that one day. . .
      So glad you were able to help those in Isaac’s path sweet friend.

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