ACFW Conference–getting to it

ACFW Conference–getting to it


If my husband and I needed any proof that the Lord watches over us, we have only to look back at our trip to Dallas for the ACFW Conference last week. As anyone who drove there knows, the area around the airport is one huge mess. There are detours everywhere, exits closed–our navigation system wouldn’t even take the address of the hotel. And we were warned not to use them.

But I thought if I could just put in DFW Airport, it would get us there. And it did–kind of. We were right there. Planes were taking off and landing somewhere near us and we seemed to be getting closer to our destination. But when our sweet navigator told us to turn right into a “Do Not Enter” gate, I knew something had gone wrong.  We ended up at a United States Post Office and the Airport Financial building. What to do but go in and ask for directions?

So I did. I told the people in there that my navigation system brought me there, but that I really needed to be on Concourse C. One nice man started giving me directions. I’d have to go back out (to where?), make a loop and then another one to get back on the turnpike, (we never were on it to begin with), and then– I interrupted and told him that was all very confusing to me. He smiled and said, “I work at concourse C. If you wait until I get my boxes, I’ll lead you there. What relief! Of course I thanked him and went to tell my husband and we waited for him. When he came out, he asked, exactly where on Concourse C do you need to be? I said “I need to be at the Hyatt Regency.” He said, “I work there. Just follow me.”  His name is Alex. 🙂

Alex led us to the turnpike entrance and then right to the front door of the hotel. Then Alex spoke to the man who came to help us with our luggage and left us to go to work. The man who helped us with the luggage said he’d park our car while I checked in. But I didn’t want valet parking. No problem. He asked for my keys and once we’d checked in, he gave me back our keys and showed me that he’d parked our car in the parking garage right where we could see it from the front door. God took care of us in a big way that day–as he always does, especially when we’re lost, unsure of what to do next. We don’t always see it right away, but He is always there watching over us, there to guide us if we only let Him.

We didn’t much like  exactly where the hotel was, but its a beautiful hotel and the excellent service started at that postoffice, lasted for our stay. And anyone who was a conference will tell you that God is always at the ACFW conferences. I think a lot of believers work at the Hyatt Regency at DFW, too.  I’d love to hear how you’ve seen God at work helping you in some way.

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