Writing about New York City-A time of Joy and Heartache

Writing about New York City-A time of Joy and Heartache

I am so excited that my first LIH, Somewhere To Call Home is available now. Should be in my Wal-Mart any day now and is available online both in print or e-book. I’ve wanted to write for Love Inspired Historicals since they first came out and that this story is the first in a series brings me such joy!

But there’s heartache today as we watch the news and see the devistation Sandy left behind. I’ve written about how my heart went out to New Yorker’s after 9/11, as I’m sure yours did too. And since then the city and it’s people have always had a special place in my heart–so much so that I felt called to set stories there.

And my heart goes out to them all now. My heart is heavy for my editor and all the other editors at Love Inspired and Harlequin in New York City, for all of the New Yorker’s and those in New Jersey and the other states who were in the path of Sandy.

I know how difficult this is in so many ways for all of them. My husband worked for the National Weather Service and we lived in south Mississippi, when Katrina hit. On my website is a page called Katrina–it’s a page I can’t bring myself to bring down. I  remember how it was and will never forget just as I know those dealing with the aftermath of Sandy will never be able to forget.

My heart aches to see the pictures, and hear the stories and know that they’ll be dealing with so much in the coming days, weeks, and months. Life is not going to be easy or normal for a while yet and going through it all is going to be difficult for everyone there. I wish I could help more, but I’ll do what I can. I’ll give to Red Cross or Salvation Army and most important of all, I’ll pray.  I ask that you join me in that effort and keep these people who are going through so much in your prayers.



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  1. So, so true, Janet. My daughter lives in Manhattan and while her building was not damaged, so many others have had their lives turned upside down. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

    By the way, congrats on the new book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

  2. It’s heartbreaking that New York and New Jersey are having to deal with such terrible devastation. My husband works with a man who woke up with a 40-foot boat — still attached to a dock — leaning against his home! And he lives blocks from the shore. I can’t imagine what it’ like for people as they clean up from this storm. Aside from donating money, I don’t know what I can do except pray. Thank God prayers help!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Linda and Robin. The force of water is unbelievable isn’t it?
    There was a casino in the middle of a highway after Katrina and cars in trees–just unbelievable sights everywhere. And so sad. And there are so many people in the area Sandy hit–I know many are still in shock. I’m thankful those prayers help and we know God hears each and every one.

  4. Janet – it is heartbreaking to see the damage and imagine the devestation they are going through. You are so right, they will never forget and I pray we won’t forget either, but that we will all remember to keep them in our prayers long after the waters subside.

  5. Hello janet just finished. Your book (somewhere to call home) loved it please tell me that you have a book #2 to follow loved all the characters and I want to know about the other s like Becca and the others in the house I know you just put this one out last month but I couldn’t put it down thank you for such a great book melissa pompa

    • Hi Melissa–I thought I’d answered you already but it appears I might not have. Thanks you so much for letting me know you liked Somewhere To Call Home. I loved writing it. And yes, book 2 will be coming out this next year–just don’t have the release date on it yet. 🙂 Thanks so much for writing me!

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