Newest Release-Remedy for the Heart

Newest Release-Remedy for the Heart

RemedyHeartI loved writing this story! While this HP takes place in New York City as my LIH boarding house series does, this is set a few years later and has no connection to that series. Many of the settings will be the same, but this story is about a woman and her cousins who were raised in an orphanage and how their lives change with the help of a loving benefactor.

Even though she is thrilled to begin her career as a pharmacist, Esther is well aware that not everyone is willing to accept a woman in a man’s field. But she is no stranger to adversity. As an orphan, she knows it well. She just did not count on falling for Andrew Radcliff, a man whose opinions are entirely opposed to her own.

Andrew, a young doctor struggling to establish his own practice and reputation apart from his father, believes it is God’s will that he help those who cannot afford proper medical care. But he is not so generous when he learns Esther Melrose’s professional goals. Her place is in the home…and in his heart. But marriage seems the furthest thing from Esther’s mind.

They are from two different places in society. Do acceptance and love have a chance? If you like this story be sure to look for it’s sequal, Love Calling, coming out in March.

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  1. So excited about this book, Janet. Your cover is outstanding. I know Remedy for the Heart will be yet another or your heartwarming stories.

  2. This book looks and sounds wonderful! I loved your LIH New York story so I am sure I will love this one, too. And I can’t wait for the sequel! Oh, and I saw it at my Wal-mart, too! Big Congrats, Janet Lee!

  3. I’m a month behind in posting (sorry!) but wanted to say I love this book cover, and the story sounds great! Also, LOVE CALLING arrived in my HP book shipment, so I cannot wait to read it! Hugs, Patti Jo 🙂

  4. thank you for writing “Somewhere To Call Home.” I enjoyed reading i very uch and it spoke to my heart. Scripture and the fact of your characters always willing to seek God in everything hey did was encouraging and enlighening. Blessing o you and your life.

    What happened to “Becca, Rebecca Heaton? I’d like to read her story as well. Thanks again. shalom

    • Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed Somewhere to Call Home, Carolyn! The next book in this series is A Place of Refuge and I hope you’ll like it. It comes out September 1st. I am working on book 3 now and Rebecca will get her very own story in book 4.

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