The Garden

The Garden



Now I wish I had taken picutres of the before backyard/garden so you would really see the difference. But please trust me when I tell you it was an ugly MUD HOLE.

I tried planting seed twice, only to have it swept down the two drains we have in our yard. Finally we had sod put down and oh, what an instant change!

Love, love, love going barefoot back there now. 

Then when I wanted to plant in the garden area, I found that there were only a few spots I could actually plant anything with so many utility cables going from our yard to the neighbors!

So what to do with the ugly utility boxes and gas meter right in the middle of the garden?

Well, I finally decided to IMG_2638order plant stands and put potted plants on them. It isn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but it looks pretty good, all things considered. And we can see it from our bedroom window. It will make it easier to change plants out for fall and winter and sometimes you just have to make the best of things.  It’s not all blooming right yet–we’re waiting for the Azalea in our yard and the four in our neighbors back yard to boom. We know one is white and one is pink and I can’t wait to see what color ours is. Will try to take pictures of all of them in bloom and get them up in a future post.




And here is a picture of the patio for the full effect. And that’s about it for now. But be sure to check back tomorrow when I hope to have some writing news to share!

Until then, Janet

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  1. Thanks Julie! The things we do for our pets. If I had labs, I’d let them take it over too. 🙂 Besides, it’s the front that shows the most, and I’m sure your front yard looks great!

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