Historical New Mexico Series now in ebook

Historical New Mexico Series now in ebook

While most of my back list from Heartsong Presents are now in e-book form, the series I thought would go up most quickly, my Historical New Mexico Series has taken the longest to get up. I am excited that the first novel has finally made it up on Amazon and hopefully will be up on iTunes, Sony and Barnes & Noble and others very soon.  But as of now, all three books included in my historical New Mexico series, and the novella that started it all, are in e-book form. I loved writing this series of romances about four women who are there for each other as they find the mates the Lord sends their way  in my hometown of Roswell, New Mexico in the late 1800’s. So very happy they are all available in ebooks now.

The novella that started the series: 

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Harvest of Love: In her wildest dreams, Liddy Evans never thought she’d be widowed and pregnant–and the object of a corrupt banker’s attention. She needs help with her alfalfa harvest–and in keeping her home. Widower Calvin McAllister needs someone to teach his young daughters how to keep a house, cook a meal and become ladies. When Liddy and Cal agree to trade services to help each other out they never give a thought to how hard it will become to part each evening.




And the books in the order they should be read:




A Promise Made: When Emma Hanson’s young friend, a single mother, dies and leaves baby Mandy to Emma’s care, the town of Roswell takes sides. Most of the men say Emma can’t manage – after all, she has a restaurant to run – but the towns women have rallied to her cause, helping out as best they can. However, when the underhanded councilman Douglas Harper plots to take Mandy away, Emma has to take matters into her own hands. Despite her attraction toward the town’s deputy, Matthew Johnson, Emma has placed an ad in the papers for a mail-order husband. Can Emma trust God to bring her the right man?







Place called Home: Jeb will never settle down. At least that’s what Beth’s husband-to-be always said about his cowboy brother, Jeb. Since Harland’s death, Beth has worked to create a home for Harland’s two young children, Cassie and Lucas. Now, it seems that Jeb is coming to claim the only family he has left – and Beth’s heart is broken at her loss. When Jeb rides into town, though, Beth’s traitorous heart pushes aside all questions of his wanderlust, and she enjoys getting to know this exciting man. Will Jeb live up to his reputation and uproot the children Beth has come to love – as well as her affections? Or can he be persuaded to call Roswell home?

For the rest of this month, the second novel,  A Place Called Home is on sale for 99 cents!  Love this story!






Making Amends: John Harper arrives in Roswell to settle his Uncle Douglas’s estate and finds he is not welcome. His name brings fear and loathing to the townspeople. Yet, from his correspondence, his uncle lauded himself as a champion of the New Mexico Territory. Darcie Malone is certain her pain won’t go away. How can you forgive a man who killed your father through stress and worry? Douglas Harper drove her father into his grave, and for that, no restitution is possible – not even with the man’s nephew. Will Darcie allow the love of God to bring about forgiveness and reconciliation?

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