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Is it Fall yet?

Is it Fall yet?


I love Fall in Oklahoma! But it’s a little late in getting here this year. The trees haven’t turned yet and it’s not quite as cool as usual–but we’re hoping this coming week will bring us the cool fall weather we love. In the mean time, I’ve decorated some in the house, so fall is here–just not outside yet.

These are some shots of indoor Fall and well, outdoor too–the wreath is on the outside. But, the next picture is in the entryway.










Next  are some photos of the living room. The mantle, table decorations.











And my reading chair. I love it!. It’s easy to sling your legs IMG_0050over the side and get lost in a good book!

Not a great picture–too much light– which is one of the things I love about our home. It’s full of natural light! But it’s not the easiest place to take good pictures.









Now, on to the kitchen. And yes, I have enough room over the top cabinets to put paintings. 🙂 And a pumpkin or two. Love this kitchen. Lots of light here, too. So that’s fall for now.

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Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

This is the second novella I received the rights back to recently, and I’m very happy that It’s up in e-book now. I loved writing this story!  Language of Love takes place in Cajun country, Louisiana at Christmas time in 1916..

Image 2


When Nicolas LeBlanc returns from World War I, longing to hear his beloved Cajun spoken once more, he finds it is in danger of being banned from the schools–and the new teacher is encouraging his siblings to speak English at his dinner table.

Suzette Devereux is trying to make change easier on the families of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. She even tries to persuade Nicolas to help her for the children’s sake, but he thinks she’s helping to make his Cajun language become extinct.

At odds with each other and fighting their attraction to one another, they try to make Christmas something special for his family as they disagree over what language to speak. Will Nicolas and Suzette ever find their very own language of love?

We Must Never Forget

We Must Never Forget was first posted the year before last, and again last year. And I feel the need to post it again this year, on the anniversary of that day. We should never forget.

Who can forget what happened in  our country on this day twelve years ago today? What started as a beautiful September day turned to heartbreak in a matter of minutes. I was drinking second cup of coffee and watching the news when their coverage suddenly switched to the Twin Towers in New York City. When I saw the first Trade Tower hit by the plane, I wondered how someone could just run into it? Did the pilot have a stroke? How could it have happened? Then the second tower was hit.  As the day went on, with the attack on the Pentagon and the plane going down in that field near Shankstown, Pennsylvania– to keep it from doing the harm our enemies intended–we all knew our country was under attack.

In the days following, we all watched, cried and prayed as this country came together. We watched as the people in New York City reached out to one another and became an inspiration to us all. New Yorker’s became more than what we’d sometimes been led to believe by what we’d seen through the media–people hurrying from one place to another down busy streets, never making eye contact with one another,  appearing not to care about each other. What a lie. They became what they’d always been–people who care deeply, with families who lost loved ones, who lost friends, who’d had their city attacked in a horrible way. They became people we deeply cared about, wanted to help and prayed for.

I don’t think I can fully explain how much I began to care about the people of New York City during that time and wanted to know more about the city.  Wanted to know about its history in this country. And as a writer, I began to want to set stories there–historical ones–to show that people in this huge city have always been like people in small towns and large all across this county. They care deeply about one another, their families and friends, their city and this country.

It took a long while for the ideas to form and longer still to figure out the connection that would bring all kinds of people together, showing their care for others and their city,  but God is so good and in His time, He showed me the way to write my Heaton House stories. I feel so blessed that I am still writing this Christian historical series about people in New York City in the late 1800′s. Many people at that time reached out to others, too. I pray that these stories will somehow serve as inspiration to others just as the people of  New York City have been to me ever since that day eleven years ago.

On this day, our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have suffered so much because of that day eleven years ago–the families who lost loved ones and friends, the first responders and our military families, and those who witnessed the horror of that day from nearby buildings and the streets of New York City.  May God bless them and this country we love.



New Release

New Release

So excited that A PLACE of REFUGE is out this week! I so loved writing this story! A PLACE of REFUGE is a sequel to SOMEWHERE to CALL HOME, my first book for Love Inspired Historical. And I’m happy to say, I’m contracted to write two more for the continuing series called Boardinghouse Betrothals (you’ll see the series name on this book) set in 1890s New York City.  The third is almost finished and will be out some time next year.  Can you guess who will be the heroine or hero in it?

A Hero from Her Past:



If Kathleen O’Bryan were capable of trusting any man, it might be someone like  Luke Patterson. She never expected to be reunited with the man that rescued her last summer, but when she arrives at Heaton House, seeking refuge, it’s the handsome writer who greets her at the door.

Something about the lovely Irish immigrant stirs Luke’s protective instincts. Life in New York’s harsh tenements hasn’t dimmed Kathleen’s tender spirit. Day by day, Luke feels the walls around his heart crumble. But it will take faith on Kathleen’s side, too, and the heart’s power to recognized a real home at last.