New Release

New Release

So excited that A PLACE of REFUGE is out this week! I so loved writing this story! A PLACE of REFUGE is a sequel to SOMEWHERE to CALL HOME, my first book for Love Inspired Historical. And I’m happy to say, I’m contracted to write two more for the continuing series called Boardinghouse Betrothals (you’ll see the series name on this book) set in 1890s New York City.  The third is almost finished and will be out some time next year.  Can you guess who will be the heroine or hero in it?

A Hero from Her Past:



If Kathleen O’Bryan were capable of trusting any man, it might be someone like  Luke Patterson. She never expected to be reunited with the man that rescued her last summer, but when she arrives at Heaton House, seeking refuge, it’s the handsome writer who greets her at the door.

Something about the lovely Irish immigrant stirs Luke’s protective instincts. Life in New York’s harsh tenements hasn’t dimmed Kathleen’s tender spirit. Day by day, Luke feels the walls around his heart crumble. But it will take faith on Kathleen’s side, too, and the heart’s power to recognized a real home at last.

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  1. Thanks for the info, Janet. I just double-checked my invoice and see that A Place of Refuge has already been shipped to me. I can’t wait to read it. I have very much enjoyed the other books in the series.

  2. Am so glad to have the second book out in the Boardinghouse Betrothals series, A Place of Refuge. You say the next in the series will out next, but can you tell us the title of the book so we will be able to watch for it? Thanks Rita

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