Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

This is the second novella I received the rights back to recently, and I’m very happy that It’s up in e-book now. I loved writing this story!  Language of Love takes place in Cajun country, Louisiana at Christmas time in 1916..

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When Nicolas LeBlanc returns from World War I, longing to hear his beloved Cajun spoken once more, he finds it is in danger of being banned from the schools–and the new teacher is encouraging his siblings to speak English at his dinner table.

Suzette Devereux is trying to make change easier on the families of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. She even tries to persuade Nicolas to help her for the children’s sake, but he thinks she’s helping to make his Cajun language become extinct.

At odds with each other and fighting their attraction to one another, they try to make Christmas something special for his family as they disagree over what language to speak. Will Nicolas and Suzette ever find their very own language of love?

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