Is it Fall yet?

Is it Fall yet?


I love Fall in Oklahoma! But it’s a little late in getting here this year. The trees haven’t turned yet and it’s not quite as cool as usual–but we’re hoping this coming week will bring us the cool fall weather we love. In the mean time, I’ve decorated some in the house, so fall is here–just not outside yet.

These are some shots of indoor Fall and well, outdoor too–the wreath is on the outside. But, the next picture is in the entryway.










Next  are some photos of the living room. The mantle, table decorations.











And my reading chair. I love it!. It’s easy to sling your legs IMG_0050over the side and get lost in a good book!

Not a great picture–too much light– which is one of the things I love about our home. It’s full of natural light! But it’s not the easiest place to take good pictures.









Now, on to the kitchen. And yes, I have enough room over the top cabinets to put paintings. 🙂 And a pumpkin or two. Love this kitchen. Lots of light here, too. So that’s fall for now.

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