Writing News and a peek at my newest cover

Writing News and a peek at my newest cover


Hi everyone. I’m so excited that I’ve just received the cover for my February release, A Daughter’s Return, the 4th story in the Boardinghouse 9780373283019 copyBetrothal series. I LOVE the covers LIH has given me! AND I’ve just signed a contract for two more novels in that series, and I’m so thrilled about it, I’m celebrating by starting a newsletter and  having my husband pick a number and giving away the first 3 books in that series to whomever is that number in my list. If you’d like to have a chance to win them, all you need to do is sign up for my newsletter here–the sign up is on the right hand side of the page.

I promise not to flood your mailbox with newsletters—they’ll probably come out seasonally at most. I’ll announce the winner in the first newsletter out. The sign up is on the right side of the page. While I’d love to have your name so I can announce it in the newsletter, all you have to enter is your email address–and it will never be sold or given away.

If your name is chosen and you’ve read the series, I’ll give you a copy of this one.

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  1. Hi Janet! I’m a bit behind, LOL, as I notice you wrote this blog post over 3 weeks ago! But I wanted to echo what others have said—this cover is beautiful! 🙂
    And I’m also thrilled you’ve signed a contract to write 2 more in this series—YAY JANET!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

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