New Book Release

New Book Release

9780373283019 copyREBECCA’S STORY IS OUT!

It’s February and the release month for A DAUGHTER’S RETURN. This is Rebecca’s story and the 4th story in my LIH BOARDINGHOUSE BETROTHALS SERIES. I’m so excited! I loved writing this story about Mrs. Heaton’s daughter.

Right now, I’m on the lookout for it. If you see it in a bookstore or Wal-Mart, I’d love it if you’d let me know.

And if you want a chance to win it AND the first 3 books in the series, just sign up for my newsletter on my webpage:

You’ll be added to the other subscribers and I’ll do a drawing on March 1st!

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  1. Janet, this cover is really pretty, makes you want to read the book……and the sweet lady on the cover adds a lot too. ; ) God has given you this talent, and you’re using it as He intended. Congratulations!!

  2. I have just finished reading the 4 books in the boarding house betrothed series. So glad to hear that there’s a contract for at least 2 more.

    • Thank you, Natacha. The next story comes out in November and I’m working on the next one that will come out next year. Also working on proposals for more in the series. I’m so pleased that you it!

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