My Home Town

I was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico–yes that Roswell.

The one that has the alien museum, and alien’s dotting South Main Street. They weren’t there when I lived there, that came later. And I seem to remember hearing about an ‘incident’ that took place before I was born, but nothing was ever mentioned about it. However, the fact that my schoolmates and I didn’t really know anything about it was quite the topic before our last high school reunion. I suppose it is good that Roswell has found a way to draw tourists in, for I remember how badly the city was hurt when Walker Air Force Base was shut down. For a while Roswell seemed to be a dying town, but no longer. And that’s a wonderful thing. But I don’t really like the aliens on Main.

I do love my hometown, though. So much so that I set a historical series there at a time when Roswell was  a charming western town.

And Roswell was a wonderful town to grow up in. It is were I was raised in a large and loving family, where I learned to love the Lord and was first given the desire to write. I can’t remember not loving to read and one of my favorite places to go was Roswell’s Carnegie Library. The library has moved on to another location now, but to me the Roswell Library is the one in my memory — the one I visited so often growing up. I knew I wanted to be a writer almost as long as I’ve loved to read and I truly feel blessed that my dream has come true. I’m very pleased that my novels can be read and enjoyed by women of all ages–from grandmothers to teenagers. It is wonderful to be able to show that the love between a man and a woman is at it’s best with God at the center.

After living all over the South, my husband and I now live in his home state of Oklahoma where we are  blessed to have family near by.