Newest Novel–Stormy’s Rainbow now in all formats

Newest Novel–Stormy’s Rainbow now in all formats

Mariah 1


I am so excited that Stormy’s Rainbow is finally out in all formats!  It’s at e-book and print, and most other online retailers in e-book.  This is the first contemporary novel I’ve had out in several years and takes place in my home state of New Mexico. Could be the first in a series–haven’t decided yet. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

It’s a reunion story about two people who think they’ll never find love and once they meet up again, they are sure of it. Stormy and Chance live in two different worlds. She’s a famous country music artist and he’s the chip-on-his shoulder cowboy who rejected her ten years earlier–but their feelings for each other have never gone away. Will they ever realize that the Lord has a plan for them? Or that it is possible to blend their two different worlds?

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Writing News

Writing News



It’s been a busy few months–getting the fourth Boardinghouse Betrothal’s book in to my editor and then working on a proposal for the next two books in that series. I’m so excited that this series will keep going for a while.

The third book in the series, A Home for Her Heart, will be coming out this September and the fourth, A Daughter’s Return, will be coming out next April. I hope you’ll like them as much as I liked writing them. And, I’m really excited about the two stories I’ve proposed for the fifth and sixth books and hope my editor likes them as well as I do.

I’ll be writing again about A Home for Her Heart when it’s release date nears, but it can be preordered online now. I love the cover–what do you think?


And I have more writing news–I’ve been working on a new contemporary novel,Mariah 1 set in my birth state of New Mexico. It will be out in Ebook in early July and you’ll be able to order it on-line. It’s called Stormy’s Rainbow and I loved writing it.  Here is a peak at its cover. What you think? It’s one of my very favorites, too!

I do love writing the Boardinghouse Betrothal series for LIH so very much, but I’ve always liked writing contemporary stories, too, and I love this one!  I hope you will too!

Just wanted to catch up–before edits come for the book coming out in April–to let you know what’s coming up next. Love this writing life!

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Land Run Brides

Land Run Brides

Image 1

With the anniversary of the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run falling tomorrow, April 22nd, and the upcoming June release of the Barbour 3-in-1 of this series, called LAND RUN BRIDES, I wanted to repost how it came about.

I loved writing this series. Guthrie, OK is just down the highway from where I live and it was so much fun doing research there. The historic downtown area is a National Historic Landmark and it is like walking back in time to stroll up and down its streets. The idea for the series was born doing just that.

It didn’t take long to come up with all kinds of ideas on what might have happened in this town that grew almost overnight into the Territorial Capitol and then the first state Capitol.

Settlers came from all over to turn this town into one that equaled those back East in what it offered its’ citizens. There were restaurants, and all kinds of businesses.

IMG_0722From the very beginning, there were theaters and opera houses, hotels and boarding houses and streets of lovely homes–and many of these still exist, preserved to bring the past to life.

First up was I’D SOONER HAVE LOVE, a story of two of the first settlers in the area and how they fell in love with each other and their new city.

Unable to give her husband children, Faith Anderson watched his love change to disappointment before he died in a riding accident. She’s determined never to marry again, and instead plans to build a new life in Guthrie, Oklahoma along with thousands of other settlers who have rushed to the area.

But that was before she met Gabe Logan, a man whose simple presence maker her heart race and whose kindness to others begins to warm her heart–in spite of her best efforts to remain cold. Gabe himself has secrets in his past that he’s convinced will keep any self-respecting woman from wanting to marry him. But that doesn’t stop his traitorous heart from falling for Faith.

If the past were different, Gabe and Faith would sooner have love. Will they let their fear of disappointment and rejection keep them from accepting the love God has placed in their paths?

That story led me to want to tell Faith’s brother’s story in SOONER SUNRISE about two lonely hearts who long for each other.

Once Ben Thompson finds out that the Sam Carter he saved from a burning tent is really a lovely young woman named Samantha, a tiny spark of love is ignited between them. But Sam is determined to keep it from growing into a flame. She has a past she’s running from and she’s determined never to trust her heart to a man. Not even one as dependable as Ben.

Ben is just as determined to convince Sam that God Brought them together for a reason. Just as she’s beginning to believe that might be true, her past catches up with her and she’s ready to run again. Can Ben convince Sam that he and his family will not hold her accountable for the rumors spreading against her? She’d bring more hurt to them by leaving than any rumor ever could. Will she run or stay and fight for the love they both long for?

But Guthrie wasn’t the only place settled during the land rush. Oklahoma City grew at a rapid pace and two decades later, in SOONER SUNSET, this family finds the town it helped to settle is in a battle to keep the capital right where it is. Charity Logan likes her life just as it is. She has the best of both worlds, living and working in Guthrie during the week and spending her weekends in Oklahoma City with her parents most weekends. She’s always prided herself on hr ability to make decisions–but that was before the governor’s campaign to move Oklahoma’s capital from her hometown to the city. And it was before she met Luke Johnson, a reporter she’s falling in love with but can’t find it in herself to trust.

From the moment Luke meets Charity, he is drawn to her inner and outer beauty. Luke’s career as a reporter working for one of Oklahoma’s influential newspapers has been his top priority, and he’s never before been interested in courting a woman–until Charity. But no matter what he does to prove his love, Luke knows something is holding Charity back.

How will Charity find the courage to trust in the midst of an uncertain world? As the sunset appears to be falling on the first Sooner capital, will Luke and Charity find a hope to unite them as they face a new day?

 If you’d like a copy of all three stories together in one book, look for it to come out in June of this year. It is now available for pre-order in print or e-book at most online bookstores.





A new cover for one of my favorite novellas

A new cover for one of my favorite novellas

Is it really February already? I’ve been working on edits on A Home For Her Heart–Elizabeth’s story in  my Boardinghouse Betrothal series for LIH that will be coming out in September, and I’ve started on the next story.

I have a little breathing room now, and decided to do something about the cover of Language of Love, one of my favorite novellas. I love the characters in this story–the sweet romance,  and the family feel.  But, I’ve had several people tell me that they didn’t think the cover portrayed the sweet love story. So, with February upon us, I thought I’d try a cover with a different feel–one that says romance.  But as the first one seemed a little–busy–I wanted to keep it simple and this is what I’ve come up with. What do you think?

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New Cover

Language of Love











Old Cover

Image 2



Beginning to feel like Christmas

Beginning to feel like Christmas



Well the house is decorated inside and out, and with snow outside, it is really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  We’re having a neighborhood open house next week, so still some tweaking to do, but it’ll be fun!

A new place sometimes means a few new decorations to go with the house, so I chose teal colored ones that seemed to be in this year and they go great with the colors in our living-room.






I love lights–they always serve to remind me that Christ is the light of the world and I can’t seem  get enough of them. I have them on any garland we have in the room.






Mr. and Mrs. Santa have been with us for quite a while and our grandchildren expect to see them each year.








And to show you how nice the snow looks from our front porch, here’s a picture of it right after our snow. I love how peaceful it is where we live! I hope it’s feeling a lot like Christmas where you are!







And just in case you still need a little nudge, and have a Kindle, I think my novella, THE COOKIE JAR, might help a little. If you click on the cover, it will take you to Amazon.

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  Wherever you are, I hope you all enjoy the lights, and that they serve to remind you of our precious Lord and Savior as they do me.

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Celebrating the Seasons with a new ebook

Celebrating the Seasons with a new ebook

I LOVE this time of year. Thanksgiving coming up in less than two weeks and then Christmas next month. I love decorating for these special Holidays. I love getting together with family and making new memories each year. And I love putting Thanksgiving and Christmas in my stories.

Image 2

I’m very happy to announce that, The Cookie Jar, a Thanksgiving/Christmas novella, is now  available as an e-book for the first time on This novella was a finalist in the Novella Category of the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Awards contest for 2008.

The Cookie Jar is a contemporary story about a widower with twins and a young cookie shop owner just trying to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas and hoping to make her shop a success. Neither think they have time for love–but Jonathan’s two five-year-old twins really want a mommy for Christmas. If Santa can’t bring them one, they’ll pray for one. Now, I ask you. How can their daddy and Miss Cindy resist each other when God is on their side?

Landon and Lydia captured my heart the moment they came into my story and I loved the way they went about trying to get a new mommy for Christmas. I hope you’ll like this story as much as I loved writing it!

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Is it Fall yet?

Is it Fall yet?


I love Fall in Oklahoma! But it’s a little late in getting here this year. The trees haven’t turned yet and it’s not quite as cool as usual–but we’re hoping this coming week will bring us the cool fall weather we love. In the mean time, I’ve decorated some in the house, so fall is here–just not outside yet.

These are some shots of indoor Fall and well, outdoor too–the wreath is on the outside. But, the next picture is in the entryway.










Next  are some photos of the living room. The mantle, table decorations.











And my reading chair. I love it!. It’s easy to sling your legs IMG_0050over the side and get lost in a good book!

Not a great picture–too much light– which is one of the things I love about our home. It’s full of natural light! But it’s not the easiest place to take good pictures.









Now, on to the kitchen. And yes, I have enough room over the top cabinets to put paintings. :) And a pumpkin or two. Love this kitchen. Lots of light here, too. So that’s fall for now.

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Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

Language of Love: A Novella–now in e-Book for Kindle

This is the second novella I received the rights back to recently, and I’m very happy that It’s up in e-book now. I loved writing this story!  Language of Love takes place in Cajun country, Louisiana at Christmas time in 1916..

Image 2


When Nicolas LeBlanc returns from World War I, longing to hear his beloved Cajun spoken once more, he finds it is in danger of being banned from the schools–and the new teacher is encouraging his siblings to speak English at his dinner table.

Suzette Devereux is trying to make change easier on the families of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. She even tries to persuade Nicolas to help her for the children’s sake, but he thinks she’s helping to make his Cajun language become extinct.

At odds with each other and fighting their attraction to one another, they try to make Christmas something special for his family as they disagree over what language to speak. Will Nicolas and Suzette ever find their very own language of love?

We’ll Never Forget

We’ll Never Forget first posted this last year. But as this is a day we should never forget, I decided to post it again this year with some small revisions..

Who can forget what happened in  our country on this day twelve years ago today? What started as a beautiful September day turned to heartbreak in a matter of minutes. I was drinking second cup of coffee and watching the news when their coverage suddenly switched to the Twin Towers in New York City. When I saw the first Trade Tower hit by the plane, I wondered how someone could just run into it? Did the pilot have a stroke? How could it have happened? Then the second tower was hit.  As the day went on, with the attack on the Pentagon and the plane going down in that field near Shankstown, Pennsylvania– to keep it from doing the harm our enemies intended–we all knew our country was under attack.

In the days following, we all watched, cried and prayed as this country came together. We watched as the people in New York City reached out to one another and became an inspiration to us all. New Yorker’s became more than what we’d sometimes been led to believe by what we’d seen through the media–people hurrying from one place to another down busy streets, never making eye contact with one another,  appearing not to care about each other. What a lie. They became what they’d always been–people who care deeply, with families who lost loved ones, who lost friends, who’d had their city attacked in a horrible way. They became people we deeply cared about, wanted to help and prayed for.

I don’t think I can fully explain how much I began to care about the people of New York City during that time and wanted to know more about the city.  Wanted to know about its history in this country. And as a writer, I began to want to set stories there–historical ones–to show that people in this huge city have always been like people in small towns and large all across this county. They care deeply about one another, their families and friends, their city and this country.

It took a long while for the ideas to form and longer still to figure out the connection that would bring all kinds of people together, showing their care for others and their city,  but God is so good and in His time, He showed me the way. I feel so blessed that I am now writing a historical romance series about people in New York City in the late 1800′s. Many people at that time reached out to others, too. I pray that these stories will somehow serve as inspiration to others just as the people of  New York City have been to me ever since that day eleven years ago.

On this day, our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have suffered so much because of that day eleven years ago–the families who lost loved ones and friends, the first responders and our military families, and those who witnessed the horror of that day from nearby buildings and the streets of New York City.  May God bless them and this country we love.



New Release

New Release

So excited that A PLACE of REFUGE is out this week! I so loved writing this story! A PLACE of REFUGE is a sequel to SOMEWHERE to CALL HOME, my first book for Love Inspired Historical. And I’m happy to say, I’m contracted to write two more for the continuing series called Boardinghouse Betrothals (you’ll see the series name on this book) set in 1890s New York City.  The third is almost finished and will be out some time next year.  Can you guess who will be the heroine or hero in it?

A Hero from Her Past:



If Kathleen O’Bryan were capable of trusting any man, it might be someone like  Luke Patterson. She never expected to be reunited with the man that rescued her last summer, but when she arrives at Heaton House, seeking refuge, it’s the handsome writer who greets her at the door.

Something about the lovely Irish immigrant stirs Luke’s protective instincts. Life in New York’s harsh tenements hasn’t dimmed Kathleen’s tender spirit. Day by day, Luke feels the walls around his heart crumble. But it will take faith on Kathleen’s side, too, and the heart’s power to recognized a real home at last.