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Boardinghouse Betrothals: Hearts taking shelter—and forging new beginnings


A Nanny for Keeps-Book 6– With no teaching positions open, Georgia Marshall agrees to become the temporary A Nanny for Keeps from Amazonnanny for the two little girls next door. But she soon becomes enamored of the precocious children and their dashingbut distant widowed father. Though she’s falling for him, she can’t help but think that the nobleman is out of her reach.

After the tragic loss of his wife, Tyler Walker swore he’d never again give his heart away. Until his neighbor brightens his home and brings some much-needed stability to his motherless family. But he refuses to allow this arrangement with the pretty teacher to become permanent…no matter how much he wants Georgia by his side—forever.

Thumbnail.ThumbnailServletThe Mistletoe Kiss- Book 5- Millicent Faircloud feels her dreams are coming true when she’s assigned to photograph the construction of New York’s tallest building—until she realizes it means working with fellow boarder Matt Sterling. He’s handsome and kind, but the stubborn man doesn’t understand her ambition.

Matt can’t help but admire Millicent’s spirit. But he’s been hurt by a woman who cared only for her career, and he won’t make that mistake again. Is Millicent more of the same, or would she put family first? If Matt can open his mind to new ideas, he may find love to be the best Christmas present of all.

A Daughter’s Return- Book 4– Having fled her privileged upbringing for a failed romance, Rebecca Heaton 9780373283019 copyknows her pride has kept her from returning home. Now at her mother’s boardinghouse in New York City, she’s determined to forge a new life for herself–and her daughter. She just never expects to find a new love in the process…

Ben Roth has always been compelled to help the downtrodden—including single moms like Rebecca. But if the past has taught him one thing it’s that offering his trust can lead to disappointment. Could these two wounded souls make one another whole…and come together as a forever family?

9780373282814A Home For Her Heart- Book 3- Magazine writer Elizabeth Anderson has sparred with newspaper reporter John Talbot for years. Though they cover similar stories, John thinks Elizabeth’s writing is trivial, and she finds him too boastful. So when they must work together to investigate New York City’s worst tenement houses, they’re surprised by the great team they make.

Despite their professional rivalry, John and Elizabeth begin to trust each other as they grow from competitors, to friends, to something more. But then John makes a startling discovery that would break the story—and Elizabeth’s heart—wide-open. John’s always been driven by his career—can he give up one dream for another?

A Place or Refuge- Book 2- If Kathleen O’Bryan were capable of trusting any man, it might be someone like 51sM46EYcvL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-68,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_ Luke Patterson. She never expected to be reunited with the man that rescued her last summer, but when she arrives at Heaton House, seeking refuge, it’s the handsome writer who greets her at the door.

Something about the lovely Irish immigrant stirs Luke’s protective instincts. Life in New York’s harsh tenements hasn’t dimmed Kathleen’s tender spirit. Day by day, Luke feels the walls around his heart crumble. But it will take faith on Kathleen’s side, too, and the heart’s power to recognized a real home at last.

Somewhere to Call HomeSomewhere to Call Home- Book 1-One might call it a proposal. Violet Burton knows it’s blackmail, and she refuses to give in. She won’t marry the unscrupulous banker who holds the mortgage on her Virginia home. Instead, she’ll find employment in New York City, earning enough to pay her debts before returning home. Virginia’s where she belongs…even if reconnecting with childhood friend Michael Heaton makes her long to stay permanently at his mother’s boardinghouse.

The freckle-faced little girl Michael knew is now a lovely woman. Helping Violet find her way is a simple act of friendship-at least at first. But soon he’ll do anything to  keep her safe, and hope she’ll see that the home she seeks is one they can share together.


Contemporary New Mexico Romance-Golden Creek

To Heal a Cowboy’s Heart- Book 2

Sierra& Clint_edited-7After her aunt suffers a stroke, Sierra Ramsey comes home to stay in Golden Creek, determined to stay but dreading to run into the man she’d once loved and then walked out on—without telling him why. Even though she thought she was doing the right thing for his sake, she’s lived to regret it. But the reasons why haven’t changed and she can’t see how things would ever have worked for them.

When she finds he’s now a widower with a child, by a chance meeting with his mother-in-law, her heart breaks once more that he’d made a life for himself fairly soon after she left. But when her aunt tells her all the family has gone through and then Clint’s mother-in-law telephones that evening and offers her a job that she needs as badly as they need help, compassion and common sense wins out and Sierra finds herself accepting against her better judgement.

When Clint finds out that his mother-in-law has hired Sierra as a nanny to his daughter, he’s livid and is determined to find a way to let Sierra go. That is, until his young daughter takes to her in a way she’s never taken to anyone else and his in-laws accept her with open arms. For the sake of the family he loves, he tries to accept that the Lord has sent Sierra to help them in a time of need and prays she doesn’t run out and leave his little girl—or anyone else heartbroken.

Stormy’s Rainbow- Book 1

Mariah 1Book ! Country singer, Stormy Knight, is suffering from burnout. She’s lived her dream but believes she’ll never have the kind of love she longs for. Verging on total exhaustion, she decides to go home, Stormy returns to New Mexico to find that Chance Morgan, the chip-on-his-shoulder cowboy who rejected her ten years earlier, is still there…and she’s been fooling herself all this time by thinking she was over him.

Chance longs for a family of his own, but when Stormy walks back into his life, he wonders why the Lord would bring back the only woman he’s ever loved and the one he’s sure he can never have? Both must learn to trust in the Lord to help them blend their two different worlds. But will they?


The Oklahoma Sooner’s Series

 I’D SOONER HAVE LOVE,  a story of two of the first settlers in the area and how they fell in love with each other and their new city.

Unable to give her husband children, Faith Anderson watched his love change to dissappointment before he died in a riding accident. She’s determined never to marry again, and instead plans to build a new life in Gurthrie, Oklahoma along with thousands of other settlers who have rushed to the area.

But that was before she met Gabe Logan, a man whose simple presence maker her heart race and whose kindness to others beginst to warm her heart–in spite of her best efforts to remain cold. Gabe himself has secrets in his past that he’s convinced will keep any self-repectin woman from wanting to marry him. But that doesn’t stop his traitorous heart from falling for Faith.

If the past were different, Gabe and Faith would sooner have love. Will they let their freat of disappointment and rejection keep them from accepting the love God has placed in their paths?

In SOONER SUNRISE about two lonely hearts who long for each other.

Once Ben Thompson finds out that the Sam Carter he saved from a burning tent is really a lovely young woman named Samantha, a tiny spark of love is ignited between them. But Sam is determined to keep it from growing into a flame. She has a past she’s running from and she’s determined never to trust her heart to a man. Not even one as dependable as Ben. Ben is just as determined to convince Sam that God Brought them together for a reason. Just as she’s beginning to believe that might be true, her past catches up with her and she’s ready to run again. Can Ben convince Same that he and his family will not hold her accountable for the rumors sperading against her? She’d bring more hurt to them by laving than any rumor ever could. Will she run or stay and fight for the love they both long for?

But Guthrie wasn’t the only place settled during the land rush. Oklahoma City grew at a rapid pace and two decades later, in SOONER SUNSET,  this famiily finds the town it helped to settle is in a battle to keep the capitol right where it is.  Charity Logan likes her life just as it is. She has the best of both worlds, living and working in Guthrie during the week and spending her weekends in Oklahoma City with her parents most weekends. She’s always prided herself on hr ability to make decisions–but that was before the governor’s campaign to move Oklahoma’s capitol from hher hometown to the city. And it was before she met Luke Johnson, a reporter she’s falling in love with but can’t fine it in herself to trust.

From the moment Luke meets Charity, he is drawn toher inner and outer beauty. Cpmsi,ed bu jos career as a reporter working for one of Oklahoma’s influential nespapers, he’s never before been interested in courting a woman–until Charity. But no matter what he does to prove his love, Luke knows something is holding Charity back. How will Charity find the courage to trust in the mindset of an uncertain world? And thous sunset appears to be falling on the first Sooner capital, will Luke and Charity find a hope to unite them as they face a new day?


 Contemporary New Mexico Series

Past and present collide when widower Jake Breland enters his grandmother’s kitchen to find his baby daughter in the arms of Sara Tanner. Sara is Jake’s first love–and his cousin’s widow. Regret, and guilt roll over him in waves as he realizes he will have to come to terms with the past. Sara has endured the most agonizing year of her life after the loss of her husband and unborn child in an automobile accident. She and Jake recognize the pain in each other’s eyes, but there are too many hurts and too many years between them to be able to interact freely. Sharing the same family only deepens the tension. Jake’s grandmother wants the two together, while his aunt–Sara’s mother-in-law–strives to keep them apart. Only the Lord can find a way to weave two broken hearts, a motherless child, and a lonely older woman into a loving family circle.

Everyone in Lake Breland’s large family has a significant other – everyone, that is, except Luke. He hasn’t been able to find anyone in the small town of Sweet Springs, New Mexico. Months after losing her fiance to her best friend, Rae Wellington travels to Sweet Springs, seeking solace from her father – and with hopes of convincing him to move back with her to the city. Rae is welcomed with open arms by her father – and by Luke Breland. Her resolve to return to the city begins to weaken while her love for Luke begins to grow. Can Luke convince Rae the city can wait?


When her grandmother suffers a stroke, Laci Tanner rushes home to Sweet Springs to be by her side. As she catches up on family news and friendships, Laci finds life in small-town New Mexico much more appealing than the pace of the city. Renewing a friendship with her high school crush isn’t bad either. But can she give up the business she’s worked so hard to build? Eric Mitchell is doing fine as he raises his son alone. Even so, he longs for what’s missing in his family-the love of a wife and mother. The one woman he’s interested in just might desert them, and he and his son have had enough pain. Can Eric risk his heart again? Will Laci and Eric ignore their hesitant hearts and trust the Father to When her grandmother suffers a stroke, Laci Tanner rushes home to Sweet Springs to be by her side. As she catches up on family news and friendships, Laci finds life in small-town New Mexico much more appealing than the pace of the city. Renewing a friendship with her high school crush isn’t bad either. But can she give up the business she’s worked so hard to build? Eric Mitchell is doing fine as he raises his son alone. Even so, he longs for what’s missing in his family-the love of a wife and mother. The one woman he’s interested in just might desert them, and he and his son have had enough pain. Can Eric risk his heart again? Will Laci and Eric ignore their hesitant hearts and trust the Father to form a new family?

 Historical Arkansas Series

Will Nate be coerced into marriage? Nate Brooks feels indebted to Abigail Connors for saving his daughter from the fire that killed his wife. Abigail wishes Nate would repay her with wedding vows. After all, she loved Nate long before he married her little sister. But Nate feels no love for Abigail, only gratitude. When Meagan Snow enters Nate’s office for a bank loan, he immediately feels drawn to her. Meagan hopes to support her widowed mother and sisters by opening a dressmaking shop. Nate knows if the dresses are half as beautiful as their maker, Meagan’s business is bound to be successful. As their acquaintance turns into something more, can Meagan and Nate withstand the jealous schemes of Abigail Connors? Will they let her tear them apart or find a love for keeps?

Socialite Abigail has always gotten what she wants. So when the plans for her nuptials go downflames, she simply cannot stay in Eureka Springs. Bitter, angry, and humiliated, Abigail searches for somewhere to go.When Marcus receives a telegram requesting his protective services for the daughter of a friend, he obliges. But as he observes Abigail, what he sees doesn’t match up with what he’s heard.Which Abigail is real—the manipulative, vindictive woman of Eureka Springs, or the lovely young lady of Hot Springs? Will Abigail ever overcome the past to find a love all her own

When her policeman fiancé died in her arms, Becca vowed that she would never fall in love again to escape the past, she takes a job in Hot Springs, hours away from home.As she begins her new life, Becca meets Luke, who, thankfully, wants only to be her friend. But as they get to know each other better, they find themselves struggling against an attraction neither wants.Will Becca learn to trust in the plans God might have for her and Luke or will the man who killed her fiancé return to kill her, too


Contemporary Mississippi Series

Meagan Evans has returned to her hometown of Magnolia Bay, Mississippi, hoping to breathe life into its failing economy with her consultation business, Meagan’s Color Cottage. She never expected the appearance of her high school sweetheart, Nick Chambers, to breathe life into her heart—the heart he rejected long ago.Nick Chambers is a changed man. He knows he was foolish to let Meagan get away. If she’ll give him a chance to right his wrongs, he’ll do his best to win her heart. But then he learns of Thad, the boyfriend who waits for her back in Texas. . . Is it God’s plan to rekindle this unforgettable romance? Or will Meagan settle for a loveless marriage with Thad because of Nick’s past mistakes? “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” — Isaiah 43:18

A year has passed since her husband, Brian, died and Ronni Melrose is still discovering ways in which he betrayed her. Learning to forgive him had been hard enough. Opening herself up to more hurt by loving another man is simply impossible and she is determined never to let herself be so vulnerable again. But the arrival of Cole Bannister in their small Mississippi town tests Ronni’s resolve. His concern for his aunt, his generosity, and his apparent faith attract Ronni. But after being so thoroughly fooled by Brian, Ronni can’t trust her own instincts. Is Cole as wonderful as he appears? Or will Ronni’s heart once more be broken if she allows herself to love again?

Dani Phillips loves her job as the city manager of Magnolia Bay, Mississippi, and she adores her close- knit community. But when the town council decides to pursue an ad campaign to bring in tourists and save the dwindling economy, Dani keeps quiet. Her heart begins to speak up, however, when she meets the man responsible for “selling” her hometown. Thad Cameron has returned to the town that stole the love of his life and his best friend. He soon feels the pull of Southern life himself- and a certain Southern lady. But he can’t put his finger on the hook for selling Magnolia Bay-a task that might be easier if his thoughts weren’t occupied with his lovely guide, Dani. As affections build, so does a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Will a hurricane blow away any chance for a prosperous future for Magnolia Bay- and Dani and Thad??

Historical New Mexico Series

When Emma Hanson’s young friend, a single mother, dies and leaves baby Mandy to Emma’s care, the

town of Roswell takes sides. Most of the men say Emma can’t manage – after all, she has a restaurant to run – but the townswomen have rallied to her cause, helping out as best they can. However, when the underhanded councilman Douglas Harper plots to take Mandy away, Emma has to take matters into her own hands. Despite her attraction toward the town’s deputy, Matthew Johnson, Emma has placed an ad in the papers for a mail-order husband. Can Emma trust God to bring her the right man?


Jeb will never settle down. At least that’s what Beth’s husband-to-be always said about his cowboy brother, Jeb. Since Harland’s death, Beth has worked to create a home for Harland’s two young children, Cassie and Lucas. Now, it seems that Jeb is coming to claim the only family he has left – and Beth’s heart is broken at her loss. When Jeb rides into town, though, Beth’s traitorous heart pushes aside all questions of his wanderlust, and she enjoys getting to know this exciting man. Will Jeb live up to his reputation and uproot the children Beth has come to love – as well as her affections? Or can he be persuaded to call Roswell home?


John Harper arrives in Roswell to settle his Uncle Douglas’s estate and finds he is not welcome. His brings fear and loathing to the townspeople. Yet, from his correspondence, his uncle lauded himself as a champion of the New Mexico Territory. Darcie Malone is certain her pain won’t go away. How can you forgive a man who killed your father through stress and worry? Douglas Harper drove her father into his grave, and for that, no restitution is possible – not even with the man’s nephew. Will Darcie allow the love of God to bring about forgiveness and reconciliation?


Stirring Up Romance

Recently widowed Elise Morgan and her beloved mother-in-law, Frieda, have built a life for themselves together in Denver. But when Frieda decides to live with her other son, Elise is torn. She knows she should move on, but what will life hold for her, alone in Denver? Derrick has loved Elise forever it seems. When she married his brother, Derrick left town and moved to New Mexico to avoid the pain of seeing them together. Now his brother is gone, but can Derrick rightfully dream of a future Stirring up Romance was in a collection called Dessert Roses, along with two other authors, Rhonda Gibson and Rosey Dow.