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The Cookie Jar 2_edited-1For Thanksgiving & Christmas: The Cookie Jar is now  available as an e-book for thefirst time on This novella was a finalist in the Novella Category of the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Awards contest for 2008.

The Cookie Jar is a contemporary story about a widower with twins and a young cookie shop owner just trying to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas and hoping to make her shop a success. Neither think they have time for love–but Jonathan’s two five-year-old twins really want a mommy for Christmas. If Santa can’t bring them one, they’ll pray for one. Now, I ask you. How can their daddy and Miss Cindy resist each other when God is on their side?

                                                                                                                                                                                            Making Memories When Amanda Forrester moves to Oklahoma City to escape her matchmaking family, she has  noMaking Memories 2 intention of falling in love. But when neighbor Josh Randall befriends her, she finds not falling love is easier said than done. But what if a romance ruined friendship?

When Amanda’s family insists she come home for Christmas, Josh offers to go along to keep them from setting her up with every single man they know. He isn’t about to let Amanda fall prey to some back-home Romeo. Should he tell her how he feels? Will this Christmas be their first for making memories?


Harvest of Love (The novella that started the Historical New Mexico series)  In her wildest dreams,

Image 1Liddy Evans never thought she’d be widowed and pregnant–and the object of a corrupt banker’s attention. She needs help with her alfalfa harvest–and in keeping her home. Widower Calvin McAllister needs someone to teach his young daughters how to keep a house, cook a meal and become ladies. When Liddy and Cal agree to trade services to help each other out they never give a thought to how hard it will become to part each evening.



Language of Love is the second novella I received the rights back to recently, and I’m very happy that It’s up in e-book now. I loved writing this story!  Language of Love takes place in Cajun country, Louisiana at Christmas time in 1916..

When Nicolas LeBlanc returns from World War I, longing to hear his beloved Cajun spoken once more, he finds it is in danger of being banned from the schools–and the new teacher is encouraging his siblings to speak English at his dinner table.

Suzette Devereux is trying to make change easier on the families of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. She even tries to persuade Nicolas to help her for the children’s sake, but he thinks she’s helping to make his Cajun language become extinct.

At odds with each other and fighting their attraction to one another, they try to make Christmas something special for his family as they disagree over what language to speak. Will Nicolas and Suzette ever find their very own language of love?

FlowersByFelicity_w4895_300Flowers by Felicity   After two broken engagements, Felicity Carmichael is determined never to fall in love again. All she wants is to make a success of her new florist business. But after journalist, David Edmonds turns her first try at a furnishing flowers into a disaster, she’s afraid she’ll never make it.

David Edmonds thought his op-ed piece was funny, but evidently, Felicity doesn’t share his sense of humor. He wants to make amends, but Felicity doesn’t trust men, doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want his help restoring her reputation. However, David isn’t giving up. For good measure, he takes it to the Lord knowing that He can mend a broken heart…and a shattered bouquet.




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  1. I just started reading your novellas. My first was Making Memories in An Ozark Family Christmas. Did you or any of the other authors ever write the story of when the Forrester cousins all got home for Christmas during the time period of the stories? I truly enjoyed the collection.

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